Green Initiative

At New Horizons Travel, we believe we have a responsibility to care for our environment.  We are constantly looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly and do our part to increase efficiency and reduce factors contributing to pollution.  Keeping up with the latest trends in sustainability, we are focused on energy conservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction and environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) practices.

New Horizons Travel has implemented the following corporate initiatives:

Recycling and Waste Reduction

      • Default two sided printing and copying
      • Use electronic files and forms rather than keep paper copies
      • Replace multiple desktop printers and faxes with all-in-one copy/print/fax machines
      • Utilize scan-to-email before facsimiles, when applicable
      • Recycle all mixed materials: paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass bottles
      • Donate unwanted but usable items (i.e. furniture, supplies, electronics, etc.)

Energy and Water Conservation

      • Establish a maintenance program for properly cleaning filters and checking heating and cooling systems for air leaks and obstructions
      • Use electrical equipment with energy saving features (i.e. Energy Star® logo)
      • Purchase flat screen LED monitors which consume approximately 1/3 less energy than CRT’s
      • Replace inefficient refrigerators with a new energy efficient model and properly recycle the older equipment
      • Use compact fluorescent lighting
      • Set computers and electrical equipment to default to standby mode when not in use
      • Post signs in restrooms and kitchens to encourage water conservation

Pollution Prevention

      • Reduce and restrict the use of harmful products and chemical pesticides
      • Use low-toxic cleaners
      • Use unbleached and/or chlorine-free paper products
      • Use recycled or remanufactured laser and copier toner cartridges
      • Do business with other “Green” vendors or services such as Certified Green Businesses or vendors using environmentally preferable practices
      • Recycle fluorescent tubes, electronic equipment, batteries, and toner cartridges