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Nov 17 Caribbean Post-Hurricane Report: What’s Open, What’s Not
Flight Deal: Kids Travel Free to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland
8 of the World’s Longest Train Rides
Plane Tickets on Layaway: More Airlines Introduce ‘Fly Now, Pay Later’ Programs
Airline seats are not getting bigger, but designers are trying to make them more comfortable
Celebrity spending $400 million to renovate fleet
The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World
Inside Belfast’s new Titanic Hotel
The Cheapest Day to Fly for Thanksgiving 2017
A closer look at 22 wineries damaged by Wine Country fires
American Tourists Return Sand and Rock to Iceland With an Apology Note

Oct 17 Mexico Implements New Tourism Tax
The Hotel Heroes of Hurricane Irma
The Best Places to Travel in October
Norwegian Sky Gave Irma Victims Hope
How to Order Wine Abroad
Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort won’t reopen until December
Thomson In-Flight Safety Film ‘Alice the Chief Steward’
This Month’s Tour Suggestions: Afternoon Instanbul Bosphorus Cruise Tour with Pierre Loti
Lost Passport? Here’s what to do
You can now Take a Horseback Tour of the Annual Icelandic Highland Sheep Round-Up
Where are our agents traveling to? – Jill Burge with Ram Fans in Alabama
Amtrak pitches itself as friendlier alternative to airlines
How to successfully pack wine in your suitcase
Agent’s Inside Tip: Park at ParkDIA at Denver International Airport

Sept 17
Mexico Travel Warning: What the Update Means for Travelers
The Complex Process Behind you Flight’s Schedule
What on Earth happens to lost Luggage?
10 Things you should never do on a cruise
“Bear Bathtub” caught on Camera in Yellowstone
This Month’s Tour Suggestion: “Get lost in Athens with and Insider”
Whynot, North Carolina was named out of sheer boredome
Where are our agents traveling to? – Jill Burge at Machu Picchu
Here’s who actually owns the airplane armrest
Norwegian Bliss going big with go-cart track
Agent’s Inside Tip: Park at ParkDIA at Denver International Airport

Aug 17

Star Wars Resort Coming to Disney World
How to get your Luggage First at Baggage Claim
How to Book your First Cruise
31 Free Things to do in Las Vegas
British Airways’ newest Safety Video
This Month’s Tour Suggestion: Cooking Class at a Tuscan Farmhouse
Paris’s River Seine is Getting a Major Makeover
Plans Unveiled for one of the World’s biggest Cruise Ships
Zika Cases decline in Puerto Rico, and so do Clients’ Concerns
The Most beautiful Place in Every U.S. State

July 17

The 10 Most Scenic Wonder Woman Filming Locations Across Europe
10 Things You Should Never Wear When Traveling Abroad
What To Do When You Get Sick On Vacation
Scientists Have Figured Out Why Your Suitcase is Wobbly – And How You Can Stop It
Thailand’s New Tallest Building: A Sneak Peek From Atop Bangkok’s Mighty MahaNakhon
Travel With Ann Dean to Mexico and Stay a Week at an All-Inclusive Luxury Resort
Why Travel May Be a Secret to a Longer Life

May 17

How to Apply for Global Entry: Everything you need to know
Malala Yousafzai named Celebrity Edge godmother
Americans Won’t Need a Visa to Visit Europe After All
Here’s Where to Commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter
Italy is Giving Away Castles for Free
This Robot Suitcase Follows You Around and Answers Voice Commands
10 Best Rooftop Bars in Miami

March 17

EU Parliament Seeks To Reinstate Visas For American Travelers
Do Air Travelers Really Want ‘Basic Economy’ Fares? No, and Here’s Why
Travelers, Beware! Hacking Lurks in Plugs and Ports
How to Use Google Translate Offline When You Travel
Shut Up — and Fire Up Your Computer
Ten Tips To Protect Your ID When Traveling
Is Your Pet Safe Flying In Cargo?
Jimmy Fallon Loves Travel Agents
Coolest Travel Hacks
Remembering your Childhood with this Flight

January 17

United Airlines new Basic Economy fare rules
American Airlines’ budget fare comes with overhead bin restriction
Fixing your own flight is easier thanks to our new EU 261 FAQ
Why airline codesharing must die
Running late in long TSA lines? Speak up!
Global Entry card tips for customs and TSA
How to renew your Passport
How your Passport will change in 2017
Travel industry’s false advertising deceives consumers
Travel complaint timing can be everything
Cell phones on planes are inevitable so you better get used to them
The huge mistake we make in hotel rooms
When “guaranteed late arrival” isn’t actually guaranteed.
Visit all U.S. National Parks for free on these days

November 16

United Provides More Details Of Basic Economy
River Cruising grows up
What to Do If You Lose Your Passport in the Airport
Why no interline agreement between AA and DL matters to you, a lot
The longest-flight-first rule may save a lot of grief for connecting flights
Does the 15-minute airline on-time rule work against itself?
Bumped from a flight? Get cash not airline funny money
10 tips to get through airports painlessly
8 travel rights at TSA airport checkpoints
4 little airline jargon words that mean a lot
This Is How Much Water You Should Drink On a Plane
Boeing Wants to Project Clouds and Stars Into Its Airplane Cabins
Don’t get broadsided by tolls when you rent a car. Here’s what you need to know
Why You Need an International Driver’s License
Everything You Need to Know About Zika

September 16

United Airlines decides they need travel agents after all
Canada Entry Rules To Change Sept. 30
Airlines further segment services in pursuit of low fares
If your flight is canceled, is your airline obligated to get you to your destination?
The difference between Travel Alerts and Travel Warnings
Why you shouldn’t throw away your Boarding Pass
12 tips to prevent lost or delayed luggage
Check this before you use a hotel safe
TSA now taking questions on Facebook
Airplane tires don’t explode on landing because they are pumped!
7 Packing Tips From an Airport Baggage Handler
Ned’s international travel planning checklist
Pilot captures unbelievable photo of haboob sweeping over Phoenix
Now you can ride your suitcase around the airport

July 16

Newly passed air travel legislation is ‘an amazing win for consumers’
oneworld No Longer Always Means onebagcheck
Airline rules for baggage damage tightened by DOT
Southwest unveils wider seats
American Airlines unveils frequent-flyer program changes
Southwest Rewards members can use miles to cover TSA PreCheck fee
TSA: Experimental screening lanes are 30% more efficient
TSA, American Airlines test new screening technology for carry-ons
Pressure grows for TSA to pare PreCheck cost
TSA now taking questions on Facebook
6 preflight rules to prevent air travel problems
Hotels: Permitted to lie about room rates by FTC
What Happens When You Crash a Rental Car
How to avoid overpaying rental car prices
Travel agent benefit may be the best travel insurance

May 16

Airlines changed the pricing of multi-city tickets — here’s how to avoid paying more
Delta will track luggage via RFID tags on cell networks
The Passport Crisis Is Heating Up
Denver’s airport rail line opens
TSA to hire 768 new officers to help alleviate long security lines
Travelers, be on-guard connecting to the Internet away from home
Should travelers use credit or debit cards for purchases?
How to Protect Yourself Against the Zika Virus
Housekeeping fees — part of the hotel future?
If your vacation beach house looks too good to be true, it may be just that
How to Pack a Wrinkle-Free Suitcase

March 16

American bringing back free snacks, too
US bans vaping on commercial airline flights
Earning extra-elite status on United Airlines
House Bill Simplifies Precheck Enrollment
TSA tips help travelers prepare for screening
FAA bill adventures
The war on resort fees heads to the Senate
8 mistakes even smart Americans make with passports
The one thing you must do before leaving for the airport
Top 10 smartphone travel apps of 2016
10 Ways Travel Agents Add Value to Your Vacation

January 16

United offers passengers customized fare options
Decoding airline fare classes to make the most of your miles
Are unaccompanied minor fees really necessary for teenagers?
10 of the best travel apps … that you’ll actually use
Upgraded denied boarding and lost luggage compensation
TSA to accept all state driver’s licenses until 2018
What the TSA’s new body-scanner rules mean for you
Safeguarding your privacy, identity and data while traveling
Interesting idea ~ Would you travel in a “detachable” cabin?
Denver airport vendors help local food bank
What airline insiders wish you knew (but are afraid to tell you)
The fake review problem is getting worse
Brian Regan flying

November 15

State Department STEP: Travel warnings, alerts, and emergency assistance
American offers real-time luggage tracking on its website
Why Delta and American ending their interline agreement matters to you
JetBlue to offer complimentary Wi-Fi on every flight
For more guaranteed room in coach, fly Southwest
What’s in a Boarding Pass Barcode? A Lot…
Are FF miles a new currency? Should they be taxed?
Ignorance of international law can bite travelers abroad
Dreaded fees come to vacation rentals
Hertz scrubs rental car cleaning fee — will others follow?
8 tips for preventing identity theft before a trip

September 15

Southwest confirms no change over checked bags
Frontier Airlines offers bundled amenities for travelers
Leading airline is recognized for offering best frequent-flier program
It’s time for the Uber of air travel
Code-share seat assignments create an airline Catch-22
Once consumer-friendly rules have turned anti-consumer
Experts agree electronic tags have a bright future
What’s the price of a travel credit card headache? ‘Free’
See the secret airplane bedrooms where flight attendants sleep on long-haul flights
15 carry-on essentials for air travel
24 hours of FlightAware’s airline flight data over the US
The Top 20 Strangest Requests made of a travel agent last year
Turkey Travel Warning Issued by State Department

July 15

Your updated rights when you’re bumped
Airline code sharing — Whose ticket is it, anyway?
Answers to common questions about TSA PreCheck
4 reasons new carry-on bag sizes won’t fly
Some carriers offer free hotel stays with long layovers
Your rights if a hotel refuses your confirmed reservation
Sneak peek into hotel room of the future
Hotel resorts can list prices without fees, FTC says
When should you have reservations about your hotel reservations?
7 insider travel insurance tips you can’t afford to ignore
Airbus patent reveals concept of a new double-decker airliner
A new app prompts travelers with 200 useful phrases in multiple languages
Have you ever felt like this going to work Monday morning?

May 15

Airlines move toward dynamic pricing of rewards
Is United’s new frequent flier program created for wealthy rocket scientists
Senate rattles the airlines’ personal airfares and privacy plans
Planes without Pilots
Want to take a picture on your next flight?
TSA to reduce random selection for expedited screening
Are seat surcharges contributing to flight delays?
Customer satisfaction with airlines is actually at a 20-year high, survey finds
The Dawn of the Robot Revolution
Choosing business and leisure travel luggage — Part 1
Choosing business and leisure travel luggage — Part 2
How old do I look?
WestJet Announces New Boarding Procedure – Seven Times Faster than Before

March 15

Delta gives passengers options with its branded fares
Most United frequent fliers will be getting fewer miles
Loyalty programs: Free perks or nefarious ploy?
FAA funding bill may mean big changes for fliers — or none
Denver airport continues to revamp concessions
Hyatt shows love to guests with free Wi-Fi rollout
You can connect, but your bags can’t — UA and AA’s latest service cut
You’ve Been Saying These Country And City Names Wrong Your Whole Life
American Airlines To Phase Out Complimentary Cabin Pressurization
Marriott launches Moxy brand featuring small rooms, industrial design
How commercial flight has changed over 100 years
Wi-Fi Security Tip

January 15

Here’s the best time to buy airline tickets in 2015
Fuel price drop probably won’t mean lower airfares
How refundable are airline fees? Not so much
5 issues with hidden-city ticketing — should United & Orbitz have let a sleeping website lie?
Mileage Plus “Friends and Family” change really hurts — even for big spenders
TSA tax cap signed into law
U.S. loosens embargo on Cuba, making travel easier
The Hotel Wi-Fi Wars
Farm-to-table dining arrives at U.S. airports
The hardest travel decision you’ve ever made
A day over the UK
Why I Use a Travel Agent

November 14

Why fares aren’t falling as oil prices drop
Delta Air Lines’ Basic Economy fare is back
Southwest debuts Beats Music service
Here we go again — Delta and United kicking bargain hunters out of elite ranks
Should the government regulate loyalty programs?
Biotechnology is the future of airport security
Self-serve kiosks for checked bags on the horizon
15 smart tips for eating safely while traveling
Introducing a suitcase smarter than we are
Unusual maps
Check your Passport Expiration Date

September 14

Southwest Airlines announces new “Heart” livery
United introduces mobile passport scanning
Frontier Revamps EarlyReturns Frequent Flyer Program
United Airlines launches self-service kiosks for luggage
Do airline change-fee policies encourage travelers to no-show?
6 reasons to check airline mileage statements regularly
TSA is tapping fewer travelers for PreCheck screening
When you’re traveling, a picture can be worth a thousand dollars
40 Tourist Scams to Avoid
10 Reasons Travel Agents Are Better Than the Internet
Stephen Colbert discusses Coach-class conflict

July 14

TSA fees leveled on travelers to jump this month
Did United cut its frequent flier program too much?
Airlines are cracking down on overhead bin abuse
Those pesky codes
Many fliers are confused about security over devices
A Solution to the New TSA Requirement for Charged Electronics
Common-use lounges are springing up at U.S. airports
No-fly list procedures violate due process, federal judge rules
Guess who’s subsidizing those first-class tickets?
Airlines fund APC kiosks to shorten customs wait times
TSA offers travel tips for seniors
Airlines plan luggage tags with GPS

May 14

Frontier Airlines simplifies Fare Structure while adding new fees
Why I love Delta’s new loyalty program – and why you’ll probably hate it
Other loyalty programs may adopt Delta strategy, experts say
TSA changes security fee rules to boost administration income
The truth about “transparent” airfares
Just compensation for airline errors
Ever wonder how in-flight Wi-Fi works?
Travel theft: smartphones are the #1 target
Need a boarding pass? Check your watch
6 tips to make working with a travel agent smoother, faster and cheaper
Foreign Exchange Fees Disappearing from Credit Cards
And on the lighter side – How to start a movement

March 14

United to offer free movies on Apple devices
Clamping down on carry-ons? Four issues with United’s new policy
Delta’s new frequent flier policy — a war on corporate travel departments and leisure travelers?
Competitors may need to match Delta’s loyalty program changes
Costly consequences of flight cancellations. How can the travel industry deal with them?
Heathrow’s Terminal 2 is scheduled to open on June 4th
Another hub bites the dust — Cleveland. Who’s next?
TSA Pre✓improved — now open for everyone
TSA: Passengers can bring home more duty-free beverages
Airline seats are now 1.5 inches narrower than they used to be
9 Reasons the U.S. Ended Up So Much More Car-Dependent Than Europe

January 14

Message away for $2 a day on Southwest
United to debut upgraded boarding area in San Francisco
Imagine a world with free Wi-Fi in the sky
Passport kiosks, PreCheck improved airports in 2013
Trusted Traveler programs benefit passengers
Airline change fees increase, as does travel insurance spending
Congress looks at raising airline passenger fees once again
Chaplains touch lives at airports
Denver airport policies in line with federal rules and regulations
5 air travel trends expected this year
In bad weather, the best app for fliers might be an old-fashioned travel agent