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Frequently Asked Questions Involving Corporate Travel

Yes, the old ticket may be exchanged for a new ticket.  Rules vary per airline, so contact your travel advisor.

Since all tickets are now electronic you can’t see that data.  Please contact your travel advisor.

A good rule of thumb is a minimum of one hour before a domestic flight and two hours before an international flight.  You may need more time if traveling on busy days.

Yes, it is best that it matches exactly.

  • Full name exactly as printed on the valid government-issued photo ID used for traveling / date-of-birth / gender 
  • Plus, day-of-travel phone number & email address 
  • Optional (if applicable): Known Traveler ID # / Redress # / frequent-flyer membership # / seating preference

Yes, our after-hours is provided for our corporate travelers.

Have a good travel agent as your ally.

  • Get Global Entry even if you will do just 1 international trip in 5 years.  It is worth it!
  • Sign up for airline frequent flyer numbers and get their App
  • Sign up for hotel frequent guest numbers
  • Sign up for car rental frequent renter programs

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